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Rep Trey Gowdy's Defense of the ENFORCE the Law Act

A compelling speech and argument to congress delivered by one of today's trusted politicians, patriot and steward of the law and constitution. The people should demand that President of the United States comply with the laws of the land as passed by Congress. His constitutional obligation. View text of Bill

Posted on 10/04 at 08:50 AM


Posted on 08/20 at 03:35 PM

D'Souza Wows CPAC Crowd With "Hillary's America" Trailer

"Hillary's America" IN THEATERS NOW! Get your tickets:! At CPAC 2016, Dinesh D’Souza introduced his new film, "Hillary’s America," to the enthused audience with the first screening of the official trailer. Afterward, he explained his vision for the film. "The Democrats want us to believe that they are the party of equal rights and human rights and civil rights. But the truth is, the Democrats are the party of slavery, of Indian removal, of broken treaties, and of the trail of tears. They are the party of segregation, of Jim Crow, of lynching, and of the Klu Klux Klan. They are the party of Japanese internment, and of opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1965, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Bill of 1968. This is their actual history!" "They’re going to be telling you the story they want you to know, and we’re going to be telling you the history they don’t want you to know."

Posted on 08/19 at 07:42 AM

C-SPAN: D'Souza Exposes The Racist Political Strategy Of Democrats

"Hillary's America" is in theaters nationwide! Get your tickets now:

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We The People Stimulus Package

Posted on 05/24 at 06:41 AM

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Keep Common Core out of our schools
The dumbing down of our children

The Education Department is proposing a regulation that forces Common Core upon every child in America. We cannot let this happen.

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