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To avoid the Fiscal Cliff, Should Republicans give into Obama’s demand to raise taxes

by ARP Team Leader
Opened on Saturday, December 08, 2012

Polling Background

Since his reelection, Obama has insisted that Congress put forth a balanced tax restructuring plan that must include a tax rate increase on the wealthy even though this increase in rate and revenue would only generate enough to cover a few days of government spending. (Makes absolutely NO sense)

Meanwhile, Republicans have clearly offered and demonstrated an alternative solution that would not only resolve the looming situation using a logical and economically sound approach but would in turn produce greater revenue without raising taxes on anyone, than that of the of Obama's plan (Not really a plan but more an ultimatum with no substance behind it).

The approach makes simple common sense and imparts sound accounting principles. The Republican plan is to simply eliminate many of the existing tax deductions and loopholes available to big business and the wealthy which will  substantially produce far more revenue than that of Obama's suggestion.

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Poll Results

Total Number Votes: 164
  • NO 70.12% 115 of 164 -
  • YES 29.88% 49 of 164 -