Our Position On Tax Reform

We firmly believe that our existing tax code system, administered by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), has become overly complex, unjust and outlived its effectiveness. What was once created as a taxing authority to simply raise the necessary funds needed by our government to prosecute the wars in which we were engaged and run our small government, has grown into a 'Green Monster' of bureaucracy. It has now been abused by our government to the point where it now threatens the financial stability and prosperity of all Americans.

Our lawmakers, over the years since, have sought to bastardize the tax code to the point that its complexity and loopholes have made it impossible for Americans to comply without fear of fines, penalties, prosecution and even imprisonment. It has further promulgated and encouraged fraudulent filings by individuals or the shifting of revenues and income to offshore enterprises and companies by business. The complexity of the tax code further allows government to distort the so-called equality of taxation or place unfair taxation or penalties on business and individuals for achieving the American dream of success. This must stop! We must provide a simple common sense approach and system that is fair, equal and at a extremely lower taxation rate for all American wage earners.

That is why the American Reform Party, under its platform, will propose the downsizing of the IRS and a simplified reform of the existing Federal Tax Code. We will put forth a bill in which the existing complex tax code will be replaced with one of the following tax structures at tax rates that will put more money back in the hands of business, States and most importantly, the American family.

1.) A straight forward flat tax on all individual wage earners and business with increases, based on a Federal Budget, capped and tied to a national index.

2.) A graduated flat tax on all individual wage earners and business with increases, based on a Federal Budget, capped and tied to a national index

3.) A National Sales Tax on all goods and products sold or exported.

In any of the above scenarios the tax rate would be significantly lower the the current IRS tax code. Of course we will need our government to put into place a balanced budget proposal which will fit within the newly created tax revenue.

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Every democratic civilization since the beginning of recorded time has deteriorated into either a socialistic or communistic society or self-destructed  into a society in bondage because its people failed to keep their governments and leaders in check.

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