by Don Torgersen
posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To add to you amusement, here is a poem written by Ogden Nash in 1935.

Behold the politician
Self-preservation is his ambition.
He thrives in the D.of C.
Where he was sent by you and me.

Whether elected or appointed
He considers himself the Lord's anointed, And indeed the ointment lingers on him So thick you can't get your fingers on him.

He has developed a sixth sense
About living at the public expense,
Because in private competition
He would encounter malnutrition.

He has many profitable hobbies
Not the least of which is lobbies.
He would not sell his grandma for a quarter If he suspected the presence of a reporter.

He gains votes ever and anew
By taking money from everybody and giving it to a few, While explaining that every penny Was extracted from the few to be given to the many.

Some politicians are Republican, some Democratic, And their feud is dramatic, But except for the name They are identically the same.

When a politician talks the foolishest,
And obstructs everything the mulishest,
And bellows the loudest,
Why his constituents are the proudest.

Whenever decent intelligent people get together They talk about politicians as about bad weather, But they are always too decent to go into politics themselves

And too intelligent to even go to the polls, So I hope the kind of politicians they get will have
No mercy on their pocketbooks or souls.


The methods for creating poetic rhythm vary across languages and between poetic traditions. Languages are often described as having timing set primarily by accents, syllables, or moras, depending on how rhythm is established, though a language can be influenced by multiple approaches.
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The textbook definition of a politician is: A politician or political leader (from Greek "polis") is an individual who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. Unfortunately a lot of politicians today don't live up to this simple definition.
Posted by Sell Textbooks  on  05/18/11  at  02:35 PM

For them to hold a political position, they would move mountains or even cross the wildest river. They may look better if not the best, act to be generous, compassionate or even dedicated to serve, blackmail one's opponent, or even buy votes.
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