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Tuition Fees Soar Under Obama

janderson : September 13, 2011

Over the past few years under the watchful eye of our current government, our higher education system has become a unreachable for many Americans as tuition fees have grown at a staggering rate.  

When looking at databases of colleges and universities, some tuition prices have soared to over $48,000 for a single.  This record high in tuition prices have caused even students with college scholarships can't afford to stay in school.  Although enrolment rates in law schools and medical school hasn't changed much through this time, which is a direct result of the crumbling job market because graduates have no other option but to stay in school because of the anemic job market, as students are forced to scour job listings with no avail.

With elections around the corner, look for the youth vote to swing for a candidate with improving our education system as one of their top priorities.


Nice one..
But its too difficult to manage..
Posted by MBA admissions 2012  on  01/17/12  at  09:41 AM

thanks for it.
Posted by high pr backlinks  on  01/17/12  at  02:14 AM

Nice, too much of tuition fee everyone can't afford this really to tuff to manage let see now what will happen..thanks for posting..
Posted by karnataka state board billiards association  on  01/09/12  at  02:45 AM

Good, really its to tuff to manage the fee for the schools and tution, let see wht do by Obama.
Posted by indian Business School  on  01/05/12  at  06:02 AM

Wow, I really don't think Obama is going to get another four years as president.
Posted by Diablo 3 Skills  on  11/16/11  at  11:52 PM

And it will only get worse.

Since the passage of Obama's Health Care Bill that included a complete take over of all student loans and college funding by the federal government we will shortly see an even greater increase.

Government claims they are trying to make the cost of college more affordable to students but reality is they are in fact creating an entire population of citizens eternally indebted to the government.

There's a saying..."Control their purse strings and you control their hearts and minds."
Posted by Michael Simone  on  09/16/11  at  12:52 PM






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