Open letter to PresidentObama

by Louise Downing posted on Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take care of home first Mr President. I know the world is now in deep recession but its time for each country to now learn to sink or swim including us. I do understand that all countries including us are very deep in debt and are hoping that somehow it will get better but there is no magic wand out there that can turn pocket change into billions of dollars.

The only hope for us here in US would be to force our industries to come back home by taxing them heavy , heavy tariffs or boycotting them from shipping  into this country, even then it won't be an over night change. It will take another 5 yrs or more for them to relocate back home again, but at least we then could look forward to the brighter future.

I lived through the great world depression that started 1929 and it lasted passed nineteen forties.

Every one should call their congress  and demand they bring back the jobs that our companies shipped over seas. All I hear from them is double talk but no one including our President would even mention our overseas jobs as though they never thought of it. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!


Louise Downing



If only it where that simple. There a multitude of reasons these companies are in foreign countries and boycotting or heavy taxation won't effectively work to accomplish your goal.

Our government tax code and rates must drastically change and lowered to entice them to hire combined with Americans pay scales and benefits reduced to levels at which the final cost of goods and services they produce are competitive with the rest of the developing countries.
Posted by Michael Simone  on  09/12/11  at  10:57 AM

I think this is not the only problem, the overseas jobs, the main thing that needs to be fixed is to make good laws for the country and then law enforcement. After these, we can hope to the brighter future.
Posted by Newark  on  01/15/12  at  03:08 AM

I agree with Michael, the tax codes must definitely change for any of this to be possible. Demanding that they bring back jobs just does not seem possible nowadays.
Posted by Demon Hunter Skills  on  01/16/12  at  03:05 PM

I found your posting to be of a honest heart, a in site, soon I will come back and I will show you a fight that has woke up our Government Officials. Some may say what you write in the Internet will never make a difference, I am here to say, They were wrong and we have made it happen...
Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  02/07/12  at  05:10 PM






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