The greatness of this country will soon be realized

by ARP Team Leader
posted on Friday, March 05, 2010

Dear President Obama and Democratic Party,

Thanks Democratic Senators for going blindly along, once again, with the most irresponsible administration in history.  Do you think the debt ceiling is high enough now?  Never mind, you won't have to worry about it  when your term is up.

Mr. President, every facet of your speech/appearance (460+ since taking office) was false. Let me show you what I mean...   

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs Bill- When…

Government Already Rations Health Care

Doctors make decisions based on the good of the individual. When it comes to health care states must

by ARP Team Leader
posted on Saturday, February 06, 2010

By Richard D. Lamm
The largest purchase the average American family will make in their lifetime is no longer their house, but their health care. Over the last 30 years, health care also has been the fastest growing part of the average state, federal, corporate and household budget.

National spending on health care averages close to $4,000 per person, more than the per capita earnings of over half the people in the world.