Will Obamacare Be A Prelude Or Last Gasp?

by ARP Team Leader posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Obama White House has been telling the news media that they felt emboldened by their victory on healthcare legislation. Let's be clear.

Obama should feel good about winning.

He made the decision to run over two-thirds of the American people and he got away with it.

If you were a left-wing President representing values of the secular-socialist elite, wouldn't you feel pretty confident if you had done that?

Now that the biggest increase in government power and spending since Lyndon Johnson in 1965 has been passed, the left is going to be even more aggressive.

Expect the left to try and pass other items from their wish list of new laws and programs that would grant Washington more control over our lives: more spending, higher taxes (like a Value Added Tax), a big energy tax, and a new push to eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing so union bosses can coerce people into joining.


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