We Can Kiss the Good Ole USA Goodbye

Article originally posted in 2013

by ARP Team Leader posted on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Posted by Addie Blake

If whoever gets the nomination for president, and whoever gets elected president, doesn't understand that if legal status with birthright citizenship is granted to just half of the 12 million illegals, they will be a 750 million majority, with voting rights, in three generations.

Their religion/culture encourages large families (whether they can support them or not).  With an average of 5 children per family, they will go from 6 million to 30 million in one generation.  From 30 million to 150 million in two generations.  From 150 million to a 750 million majority with voting rights in the third.  If there are 20 million rather than the 12 million estimate, this 750 million majority number goes to a One Billion Majority With Voting Rights in three generations.  Add to that the millions of descendants of the millions of legal immigrants (the number of legals has quadrupled in the last 50 years due to chain migration), and the number doubles to two billion.  

They will tear down the soon to be built border fence with their vote.  And the border will be left open for millions of Mexican citizens to step across the border with amnesty. 

And we can kiss the good ole USA goodbye.

We'll be asking them if we can stay.

You hear, let them stay but not vote.  That's half a loaf:  They will be back for the other half:  citizenship and the vote.

Your grandchildren and their children will have to fight that battle if the American people, and those they have elected to office, do not deal with immigration in a way that will insure that our grandchildren and their children, nor any future generation, will ever have to deal with this problem again.

We can win the economy battle but lose it all with the wrong immigration policy.

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