Why We Need Term Limits

by Michael Simone posted on Monday, December 28, 2009

Senate & Congressional Term Limits

When our Founders wrote the constitution they never addressed the issue of term limits for either the Legislative or Executive branches of the government. Possibly, in more simpler times of trustworthy & honorable men, they didn't see the need to limit ones time in office. However, our nations first President did. George Washington after having served 8 years as our President and Commander in Chief, publicly declared to the government and the people that he would not seek re-election. His reasons where both personal and supremely visionary. As one of our Founders Washington, saw a flaw within our constitution which he chose to correct, not through constitutional amendment, but by honor and respect for the future of our system and country. He recognized the temptations for the abuse of power if remaining in office for unlimited periods. He further recognized that should he indefinitly continue re-election, his presidency could eventually be construed by leaders and Americans to be one of a Monarch or King; and that no president should ever aspire or reach a point of dominance and power in the office of President. He further understood that as the country grew in population and prosperity flourished that government needed to be more flexible and open in allowing new leadership that would more closely represent the ideas and needs of the country and Americans.

Every elected president since then followed Washington's honorable lead and voluntarily removed their name for re-election after serving 2 terms or eight years in office. It wasn't until 1951, after the F.D.R presidential reign, that the Constitution was amended to restrict a president to only two terms in office.

We strongly believe in Washington's principle's and firmily believe that he was attempting to set an example, not just for the presidency but for all legislators. We will put forth the necessary legislation for Amendment to the Constitution that there shall be term limits imposed on both houses of congress of two terms consisting of six years each for Senators and six terms consisting of two years each for Congressional seats. The adoption of this amendment will eliminate legislators from amassing untold stature and position and the temptation to abuse their power.

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