Taking Back Americas Governtment (TBAG)

by Michael Simone
posted on Friday, January 01, 2010

Every democratic civilization since the beginning of recorded time has deteriorated into either a socialistic or communistic society or self-destructed  into a society in bondage because its people failed to keep their governments and leaders in check.

When government goes without a system of checks and balances, enforced by the populous, its appointed officials are left to become delirious with power over its people and corrupted by their quest to amass untold money in furthering their personal agendas. Ultimately this will only lead to Tyrannical rule and suffrage of its people. 

Our Founders took painstaking effort with many years of deliberation and debate in structuring a system designed to prevent such a collapse of a truly, well throughout democratic society in which they were about to create. A democracy of the people and for the people. A democratic government that would recognize and was sworn to protect a persons unalienable Rights, liberties and freedoms. A government with a set of common sense laws of the people routed in the universe of Natural Law.  All these ideals were neatly laid out for us in our Constitution. They further foresaw, understood and provided checks and balances for the people to exorcise in limiting and maintaining the proper control over its government and their appointed lawmakers. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence until the drafting and adoption of the Constitution in 1782 only one concern of our Founders remained. The ability, virtue and will of the people to govern themselves by sufficiently engaging in its governments politics to maintain the delicate balance in government necessary to prevent tyranny and insuring their freedoms and liberties.

Today we are heading down the very path our Founders foresaw and attempted to prevent, a country and people controlled by a big central government and corrupted untrustworthy officials. If our government is allowed to continue its policies of fiscal irresponsibility, un-affordable socialized programs, unwarranted nor economically sound stimulus spending, the ridiculous idea of re-distribution of wealth or governments desire to control and operate greater than 10% of our country's economy through Healthcare reform and the even more ridiculous and disastrous Carbon Cap & Trade, we are doomed to failure. Although some of these programs may, on the surface, appear to be noble and just cause for government and its people to pursue, a closer look unveils a much bigger problem leading to the eventual downfall of our democracy and the life, liberties and pursuit of happiness it affords. No government can be all things to all people nor can government provide the same quality of life for all its people. It is against the purpose and design of government defying all common sense and the natural order of things in a free society.

So how can we stop this trend? How do we begin to reverse our direction? How do we bring about a smaller government with balance? How do we limit our lawmakers from obtaining too much power? How do we bring the corruption under control or a minimum? How do we bring about Fiscal Responsibility in ALL government? These questions have been asked over and over again and the answer comes down to one simple, easily understandable solution,

CONTROL THE MONEY AND YOU CONTROL GOVERNMENT! Sounds all too simple yet government and our lawmakers understand one thing and one thing only, MONEY and the Power that comes with it. Limit or take the money away from our lawmakers, force them to live within a budget and, their dead in the water with limited power, forced only to serve the will of the people.

So your next questions is how do we control the money. Once again the answer is fairly simple. However, it takes a three pronged diligent approach by the voters.

1.) Clean house in the upcoming mid-term and 2012 elections

We must start by first cleaning house in the upcoming mid-term and 2012 elections. We need to find, wherever possible, new untainted candidates to elect to the House & Presidency. Where we can't find new candidates then we elect the candidate, regardless of their political party, that pledge to act upon and support our below mandates. 

2.) Introduce Balanced Budget Amendment to Constitution

Our newly elected Senate and Congress shall introduce a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution in their first session.
The Amendment should not only apply solely to the Federal Government but to all state governments as well.
There shall also be a motion and interim agreement by both houses to operate within a Balanced Budget until the Amendment is passed.
An motion should be issued calling for the repeal of the Healthcare Reform Bill should it become law.

3.) Revamp existing Federal Tax Code

Congress shall immediate and simultaneously with the Balanced Budget Amendment, put forth a bill to abolish the existing tax code and replace it with either a flat or graduated flat tax or a straight National Sales Tax.
The new tax will allow for annual increases tied to an index if and only if required to fund the Budget.
Based on current taxing levels, the new tax code shall be structured such that more money is retained by the 50 states and represents a significant tax cut/savings to business and individuals. (NOW THAT'S  STIMULUS)
There shall be a freeze on any further direct or indirect tax increases but shall maintain any proposed or exiting tax cuts.
There shall also be a restriction placed on Congress in passing any further legislation requiring government spending or tax increases including the implementation of Healthcare Reform or Cap & Trade.

It should be clear from what is proposed here that we will have put a strangle hold on our government, forcing it and our lawmakers to become fiscally responsible. Our country's future and National Security are dependent on our financial stability. This is far and away more important than any Healthcare Reform or Cap & Trade.

Taking Back Americas Government (TBAG) Government belongs to and in the hands of the people NOT our governors! Time to BAG'EM UP and REPLACE'EM      


Mike: I certainly agree with most I have read in your plan in so far as a plan goes. Any plan is only as good as the ability to implement it effectively. Your primary basis or premise is to control the money supply. This is certainly true as a means to an end which in this case is reducing the size and ability of government. This goal is worthy and I feel achievable if and when those that do share these same values can come together as ONE UNITED and COLLECTIVE VOICE as VOTERS! Now, what and who are we up against to accomplish this goal? First and foremost is a current Administration(Executive branch), a DEM/lib controlled Llegislative branch and a Judicial branch controlled, expanding and maintained by and in using our tax dollars. They are very, and I mean very, well organized thru the likes of ACORN/SEIU and numerous others organizations funded/supported and dead set on imploding our Nation from within. This just didn't start overnight, it began at the very outset of when our Nation was formed and thru a number of well developed plans to do just what you suggest, CONTROL THE MONEY and ultimately OUR NATION thru SOCIALISM! I am NOT going to elaborate on this any further at this time but I will give you what I absolutely feel must be done to turn the tide to get our COUNTRY BACK! First and foremost is one big question? As I stated earlier, UNITING THE PEOPLE behind those who hopefully will share and do as they say as candidates if and when we get them in office. This is a REAL GRASSROOTS effort and I, among a very small but talented group, are working in everyway possible way to start this process. It begins with an extremely critical race in and for the U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts. Our team doesn't ask for money for our group but we do all we can to help those candidates we feel worthy of support to raise money, research them as well their opponents to best raise the awareness of others who might, can and will support this effort. Why this Senate seat? Simple, it's the first electon of 2010 on Jan. 19th, it can potentially block the Senate as the 41st vote, it's dead up against every ounce of DEM/lib strength to beat us with Coakley as their candidate and most importantly, we as they, know if we win it will turn the psychological HOPE in so many conservative and moderate Americans that WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE toward TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK! I think you and your group understands why we chose to back Scott Brown over Joe Kennedy as we felt he can and will do the best job when elected. Also, at this time and in this race Kennedy as an Independent simply can't garnish the votes. This will continue in many races thruout this year when it comes to Independent candidates but that too can change as the power and UNITY as ONE VOICE and VOTERS becomes a reality.
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