One Simple Tax or Basic Tax Rules

by SilverJingles
posted on Monday, April 05, 2010

Neither the Congress, the Executive Branch nor the Justice Branch of the Government of the United States of America Shall have the authority to set, change or manipulate the tax kind and rate or amount collected from the people.  THAT AUTHORITY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and this authority SHALL NOT BE CHANGED OR DIMINISHED.  The people may, in a special election limited to the single purpose of fixing the taxes in the USA, by a 75% majority of the registered voters, change the tax laws. 

There shall be only one simple tax.  THIS SHALL BE A "FINAL SALE CONSUMER TAX" and is to be collected at the time of sale.  It shall apply to all items without exception, including labor and care.  

There will be no second class or lower class people pass their share of the government burden to someone else and who do not pay taxes. There will be no avoiding the payment of taxes by anyone. It is Necessary that every person should be aware of the cost of government and take part in conserving the resources of the people.  Therefore.  every person shall pay taxes. 

Every Government body in the USA, must establish annul budgets and may, at no time, exceed the budget limit for that year.   Every annual budget shall include the fixed and expected discretionary expenditures AND THEN MUST INCLUDE a 15% excess amount.  The excess amount shall be to establish a permanent Contingency fund.

Contingency Funds for every government body MUST BE ESTABLISHED.   Contingency Funds are derived and supported by the requirement for such funds as 15%  of every government entity Budgets,  These funds will be held in an interest bearing account.  Contingency Funds may accumulate from year to year until the end of the sixth year.  At the end of the sixth year the funds remaining from the first or oldest year shall apply to the reduction of the national debt, or the debts of the State and local governments, if any.  When all debts have been paid any funds eligible for expenditure shall be placed to directly reduce the tax rate for the following year. 

A total tax limit must be established.  The total amount of all taxes collected by the various Federal State and Local governments in the USA shall not exceed forty six percent (46%) of the USA Gross National Product. 


Federal taxes shall never be more than 24% of the GNP

States Provinces, Protectorates  & Possessions, taxes shall never be more than 13.5% of the Gross Product for that State, Province,  Possession or Protectorate.

Local governments, including Counties, Parishes, and the Cities, Townships and or Villages, of whatever kind and nature, within said Counties or Parishes shall never be more than 8.5% of the Gross Product for that County or Parish .  The division of these revenues between these local governments shall be equitable and is set at 6% for the County or Parish and 2.5% for the lessor governments.  Adjustments to this rate of division may be modified by a 75% majority of the voters in County or Parish.

Tax rates may be adjusted down or up  annually to meet the annual budget needs, but, may never be more than the fixed rates shown above.

Candidates for the office of PRESIDENT, GOVERNOR, MAYOR, OR MANAGER  of/in the USA are encouraged to use the tax rate or percentile as part of their platform.  HOWEVER,  Promises of a lower tax rate must be kept.  Promises of tax rates that are Broken shall be considered reason for impeachment.


I am;  Lester T. Sheets,  popularly known as Silver jingles.







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