Obama’s Nuclear Policy Poses Threat to our National Security

by ARP Team Leader
posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Once again, in what now appears to be a never ending display of ignorance combined with naïveté , President Obama's nuclear policy shows he is as much a threat to our National Security as a foreign enemy.

One thing you never, never, ever do, is tell a potential enemy what you will or will not do to defend yourself or your family, NEVER. Every president of the United States clearly understood this basic principle and there are a multitude of reasons why a President would not do so, which Obama fails to understand. What Obama has done, in a time of middle east unrest and the development and proliferation of Nuclear weapons now by Iran,  is apprehensible and even more reason not to promote this sort of policy. Obama is setting a dangerous precedent and sending a message that it is all right to attack us without the fear of nuclear retaliation. This is pure INSANITY!

This is like you advertising to a burglar that you have a gun to protect your family but, you won't use it if he breaks in and only kills one or two members of your family, you'll only use a small kitchen knife. You just took away all your leverage while both encouraging and emboldening the potential burglar. Is Obama and his advisors really this naive and stupid to put our country in such a precarious position. Obviously the answer is YES!  

We suggest to you that these types of policies by Obama are in themselves a threat to our National Security. He has shown he is both incompetent and incapable of leading or protecting this country.







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