Carbon Cap & Trade Legislation

by ARP Team Leader
posted on Tuesday, February 09, 2010

There is not very much to say about this piece of proposed legislation other than to say, this is beyond any doubt one of the worst pieces of legislation ever proposed in the entire history of our country . This bill is nothing more than a wolf dressed in sheep clothing. Should this legislation become law it will represent the inevitable destruction of our capitolistic system, our industries, its jobs and the ultimate loss of our National Security and freedoms, only to finally be subject to domination by a Global government . This bill MUST NEVER be passed in any shape or form.

The Cap & Tax bill, as it has come to be known, is disguised as legislation to protect the worlds environment against global warming which to this date remains highly questionable as to its factualness or scientific accuracy. This bill offers nothing nor does it accomplish anything other than grant our government complete and total control over every aspect of our entire economy, businesses, industries and everyday personal lives right down to and including the very toilet paper we can use. And the toilet is where this legislation belongs along with every politician who endorses its approval.

The proposed Cap and Trade bill is nothing more than a total power grab of our money by government and our lawmakers. This bill would give government unrestrained access, control and authority to regulate every aspect of our economy and lives without ever passing another piece of legislation. This bill does nothing to improve the economy or the environment but rather only to ultimately destroy it.

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Although, the Apollo Alliance may be noble in its concept and ideals, it remains a pure radical left-wing organization established by President Obama supporters and designers of his Cap and Trade policy. Their ideas and objectives are deeply flawed in bad science and crafted purely for financial gain and control by its supporters and the Federal government. Their ideas are completely misguided, unfounded and lack any common sense. This is evident by the appointment of their new chairman, a political hack. They are funded by socialist labor unions who have no idea of the meaning of 'work' and our government, which the same can be said, along with their progressive notion that by supporting this organization will aid in bolstering their objective of total power and control over business and the public.(Pure power grab) This organization is made up of individuals and organization that have no idea of business or industry nor how to run a successful company. Those that do share an ulterior motive of financial gain from government run Cap & Trade( A pure Pyramid Scheme). If we are going to have a realistic debate on the issue and devise a common sense approach to a clean environment, then lets start with real people who know what they are talking about and who don't have a political or financial objective and that work with REAL facts and science pertaining to Global Warming. Of course you know that's been debunked. Then, if we can agree, we simply institute realistic fazed in regulations on the industry, if we have any left, which they can financially deal with while achieving the same goal of a clean environment. Get back with some realistic facts from creditable people. Then we can debate.
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