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Wisconsin Senate Republicans find way to push through their controversial bill without Democrats

ARParty : March 10, 2011

Wisconsin State Senate Republicans,  late today, have found a way to push through a vote that removed a number of benefits (including collective bargaining rights) from public employee unions.

The Republicans smartly separated these reforms from the overall budget bill - thus eliminating the requirement of a quorum.  There has been an explosive reaction with thousands of liberal union protestors rushing to the State Capitol in Madison and threats by Democrats to find a way to halt this bill, declaring it unlawful.

The State Assembly is set to pass the measure tomorrow and then Gov. Scott Walker can sign it.

With the explosion of complaints from liberals now taking place it is very important that we stand with Governor Walker now more than ever.  Democrats in Wisconsin say they are now prepared to launch a Recall campaign to unseat Gov. Walker.  This is important - let's show Gov. Walker we have his back, and urge him to stand strong and NOT BACK DOWN!!