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America Understand! Arizona has every right to its Immigration Law

ARParty : May 19, 2010

America, we need to wake up and begin to understand our Country's Constitution, States rights and the Rights of the People.

Unless we understand these laws and rights we will continually be at odds against one-in-other. And, this is exactly what the Obama Administration wants and is striving for. Divide and Conquer. Divide the people over social issues rather than enforcing existing immigration laws and the Constitution and Conquer by government and the Progressive liberals seizing the opportunity  with false justification to pass immigration laws that further violate State rights and the rights of Americans to individually protect themselves while, in doing so, they obliterate the Constitution.

Arizona is a sovereign State and had every right to protect its citizens and borders against illegal immigration that threatens their life and liberties. This right is even more vested when the Federal government refuses to enforce existing immigration laws or take up and pass a comprehensive immigration reform law to protect all States and the citizens who reside therein.

There is absolutely NOTHING in the Arizona law that violates the Constitution or rights of their citizens or those of legal immigrants. Anyone who tells you otherwise is purposely skewing the facts and law.

Obama, his administration and like minded liberals need to carefully read and understand the Arizona law before they pass judgment. Unless, their real motive is to Divide and Conquer.