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TV Cameras in the Supreme Court or The Delusions of Arlan Spector

ARParty : August 03, 2010

Outgoing Senator Arlan Spector has recently proposed in the Senate a bill which would mandate the Supreme Court allow TV cameras in the court room of the Supreme Court.

Obviously Spector is delusional in proposing this bill and has further justified the people of Pennsylvania decision not to nominate him for re-election. He has now shown that he has outlived his usefulness! He has proved his complete and utter disregard or lack of understanding  of the Constitution and law.

Arlan, just in case you didn't get the memo or forgot the purpose of the three distinct and independent branches of the government under the Constitution, let us remind you!

Neither you nor any other branch of the government has the right legal or otherwise to mandate or legislate how the Judicial Branch of government, the Supreme Court, the supreme authority and final word in all State and Federal legal matters under the constitution, must conduct its business. Not now and NOT ever.

Dear Arlan, please stay out of the American people's way. Please do nothing during your lame duck administration. Just take your retirement and fade away into obscurity. You've done enough damage during your reign.