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Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Purveyor of Fraud

Sharon Sebastian : September 12, 2011

When it comes to evolution, Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman (R-UT) reveals a serious character flaw for a man who wants to become president. He ignores facts and disregards the latest findings by experts in the field of science while accusing others of “running from science.” It is Huntsman who is clearly “running from science” as he displays an Obama-Pelosi-Reid dictatorial style of declaring an issue settled when clearly the debate is far from over.

Huntsman appears to be a politician who suffers from a lack of basic knowledge and shows no desire to explore or correct it. Real science requires the full spectrum of information as Huntsman remains stuck in evolution’s hypothesized “mud-puddle.” Long-standing and recent scientific data reveal that the scientifically exposed flaws and frauds of evolution are so numerous that evolution should be relegated to no more than a scientific curiosity devoid of empirical scientific data. Perhaps Mr. Huntsman does not understand the difference between micro-adaptations to the environment vs. macro-evolution’s claim that one species evolves into another. Macro-evolution has never occurred anywhere in nature. Micro-changes occur, such as the darkening of one’s skin in sunnier climes, but too drastic a change to the human species (or any species) results in deforming or killing the species. Clearly, that is the direct opposite of “evolving.”

Crass proposal or not, $250,000 has been offered to anyone who can prove that macro-evolution occurs. The response to that quarter of a million dollar offer?: Crickets. Nothing, nada, zippo, dead silence as the money goes uncollected. The reason no scientist can step forward to collect a quarter of a million dollars with their evidence of evolution – is because none exists. Surely Presidential candidate Huntsman could use an additional quarter of a million dollars in his campaign coffers. Just “name it and claim it,” “put up or shut up” – whichever idiom applies.

It is true that Governor Huntsman is a politician and I am a news commentator and contributor. But, the primary difference is that I have studied evolution and co-wrote a book on the topic. Since Huntsman appears driven to portray himself as the final say, it is my pleasure to challenge the former Governor to a debate. If he does not want to debate the issue (since he appears to prefer a "science-stifling the debate is over” mentality), then I suggest he order a copy of the book, “Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” ( He will read the conclusions of brilliant scientific minds who dismiss evolution as mere theory and recognize that it has been and continues to be an obstacle to real scientific study. He will find that proponents for evolution are, for the most part, either on the government-grant dole or are such hyper-secularists that the idea of a Creator God is abhorrent to them. The latest polls show that the majority of Americans, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other faiths, do not believe in evolution which puts them in disagreement with Huntsman.

Huntsman accuses others of “running from science.” The conclusion is that it is Huntsman who is uninformed, outdated and a threat to serious science. Brilliant men and women of science from top biologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, cosmologists to rocket scientists have denounced “evolution” as a man-made, anti-science theory with racist underpinnings. World renowned and revered pro-evolutionist scientist, Dr. Stephen J. Gould, Harvard professor of Geology and Paleontology who devoted his entire career to studying evolution has written: “We are not evolving.” After years of probing the tenuous claims of evolution, this top scientist, Dr. Gould, concluded and stated clearly on record:

“For all practical purposes we’re not evolving. There’s no reason to believe we ‘re going to get bigger brains or smaller toes or whatever – we are what we are.”This career Darwinian evolutionist went on to say: “The fossil record does not show gradual changes [of evolution] and every paleontologist has known that since Cuvier.” Stephen J. Gould, Harvard Scientist and Professor

Many other top-tier scientists are named and quoted in the book, “Darwin’s Racists,” should the former governor wish to give it a read. (Also see peer-reviewed I.D. studies at: )

Jon Huntsman is the product of a program of misinformation long taught and perpetrated by Fabian Socialists who gave birth to the American Progressive-Liberal party. At its core, evolution is a racist theory that declares people of color as less evolved and more closely connected to African apes. It is a belief stated by Charles Darwin, who introduced his theory of evolution over 150 years ago. Famed Fabian-Socialist and fierce eugenicist, George Bernard Shaw, thought evolution was a dandy idea. The liberal-environmentalist Shaw first proposed using gas chambers for population control and ridding the planet of lesser human beings. That Huntsman’s position on evolution is opposed by the majority of Americans, is anti-science and is, by association, racist at its core should be noted by every American. It is a good thing that former Governor Huntsman opened that can of worms from which he believes all humans evolved. Once again in national discourse, Americans can decide what is fraud and what is truth.

(The preceeding is neither an endorsement or lack thereof, it is an observation.)

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