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Obama’s Health Care Bill (law) Backfires

ARParty : March 29, 2010

It was only a matter of time before the recently passed law for Health Care Reform would show the Obama Administrations complete incompetence and distorted claims and truths over the savings, tax benefits and budget deficit neutrality. We just didn't think it would happen this fast.

Today approximately 12 major public companies have prepared shareholder statements and press releases, as required by law, declaring that the Health Care Law has a direct affect on their company's earnings due to loss of tax deductions and mandated employee retirement benefits. The total amount of loss between the likes of Verizon, AT&T, 3M and others according to their press releases total more than $14 BILLION dollars in lost Profits. They also warn there may be further losses as a direct results of the passage of the bill into law.

This is typical government irresponsibility and shows the complete lack of business and economic experience by the Obama Administration and legislators who voted for this bill. A one-sided law crated by a single party without partisanship and without a solid majority. We have repeatedly stated that this bill and the CBO numbers were inaccurate and the ultimate result of the bills passage would result in higher insurance premiums. To make things worse. Obama has warned this is only the first step or beginning of his plans for overhauling the our Health Care. These are the very same words echoed by many other famous leaders in history like Hitler, Stalin and Karl Marx. The next step is for total and complete control by government of your Health & Life. It is necessary in order to carry out Obama's plan to socialize this country.

Obama must be REPLACED! This law MUST be REPEALED! Our government and political system must be REFORMED  to reverse and prevent the further erosion of our Constitution and freedoms. Then, once we have solidified our political, economic and financial stability, we can consider social programs or solutions to Healthcare and environmental issues.

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