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Obama Refuses to be a Leader on the important issues

Michael Simone : March 16, 2011

I've had it with both party's in Washington and our destructive, simple minded, man-child for a President Obama.

It's time the American people give them all a loud and clear directive in which to follow before they further destroy this country. That directive is "WE WANT A STRAIGHT FORWARD BUDGET WITH A 25% ACROSS THE BOARD SPENDING CUT & WE WANT IT NOW

I don't care how they do it but do it now, today before it gets any worse. But cut it straight across the board on all government spending. This is the only fair and equitable way for everyone, politicians and the people, in which to immediately achieve the task.

Once they've cut the budget, then and only then, can they can begin to argue over what government programs to consolidate, scale down, phase out or keep. You would think that our simple minded President and/or politicians in Washington could grasp this simple solution.