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Obama and Politicians continue toying with our future and National Security

Michael Simone : February 20, 2011

If you're like me, then you too have had it with all the party politics being played out in Washington over government spending and National Debt that is jeopardizing the National Security, freedoms and general welfare of all Americans.

The financial crisis looming big over our country was created by both parties and its simplistic resolution are of a nonpartisan nature. Their is NO place in the process for playing party politics or posturing for who goes first let the other party make the mistake.  The fact is that this crisis impacts on all Americans not a particular party. This is an issue where everyone stands to lose and if we lose, there will no longer be PARTY'S. For Obama, the Senate or Congress to use this crisis for their personal or party's political gain is outright negligence and criminal!

As I previously stated, the solution is simple. Its not rocket science and I defy any common sense economist to disagree with what I propose. The solution is three pronged and must be addressed by both the Congress and Senate simultaneously in lock step.

 1.) Government must approve an immediate across the board 25% cut in spending on everything. Nothing left untouched.

This can be accomplished over a two year period commencing with an immediate 12% cut in the first year with 13% beginning of the following year.

By taking this approach we avoid playing party politics. There are no favorites with any government program, department, agency, individual or industry. Government and all its agencies and departments will be forced to work more efficiently, effectively and within a budget that offers incentives for keeping to the budget or better. NO MORE BLANK CHECKS! The result is a WIN/WIN for everyone including the political party's with the savings being used to pay down the National debt.

2.) Pass a Balance Budget Amendment

In forcing government to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, and using the budget levels resulting from the above cuts, we control the politicians purse strings while insuring against governments irresponsible out of control spending.

The Budget will provide for increases or decreases tied to acceptable national indices such as the cost of living index every two years.

Individually this further allows the individual American to plan and budget their own personal life without wily nilly increases by politicians.

3.) Replace the current IRS Tax structure with a simplified and drastically lower Flat Tax on both individuals and corporations

This is absolutely essential! We need to completely revamp the tax system by distributing the cost fairly and equally amongst all Americans and business. In every country where a lower flat tax had been implemented tax revenues to government dramatically increased.

Lower taxes to both individuals and especially business will put our country back on the path for once again becoming the global leader in the production of goods, products, technology and services which immediately translates into Jobs, Jobs and more jobs.

Obviously this a basic outline of what needs to be addressed by our government immediately.

Now, if President Obama and our elected officials have been honest with us when we elected them and are truly concerned about the "General Welfare" of the people and our Country and not just their own personal interest, gains and re-elections, then both parties need to get cut their crap, get off their ass, forget about the political party fallout and do what is necessary and right for the people and our country.

Mr. Obama and Congress PLEASE Adopt the above changes and insure we never get to this point ever again. NOW!!!


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