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Obama On A Collision Course With Your Faith

Sharon Sebastian : April 29, 2010

Bolshevik: a Marxist radical or revolutionary. The term comes from the word Bol’ she, which means bigger, as in bigger government. As true Marxists, the Bolsheviks sought to eliminate God out of society. Government sought to become the god of the people. In Soviet Communist Russia, a Bolshevik was a member of the liberal-left Russian Social Democratic Workers Party.  Recently, President Barack Obama scoffed that Republicans characterized him as “a Bolshevik,” well knowing that the term today means Marxist or Communist.


Today, Marxists/Communists still seek to separate people from their God. One way of doing so is for a government to pass laws aimed at controlling and corrupting the lives of not only people who believe in God, but the church itself where possible. Washington increasingly intrudes into the lives of people of faith by enacting laws that legislate God out of society. Example is the health care bill where Democrats wanted to force people of faith to pay for abortions and participate in abortions at hospitals against their beliefs. Due to the government and liberal courts, schools dare not allow the mention of God in a child’s essay or in assembly. Court cases abound with suits to expunge God. That California’s Mojave cross yet survives required intervention by the U.S. Supreme Court.


Coming to the forefront of the Congressional agenda is a bill called ENDA – the cleverly named Employment Non-Discrimination Act. In actuality, it discriminates against employers of faith whether they be Jewish, Christian or Muslim. ENDA will force employers with 15 or more employees to allow workers to gender-cross-dress or openly display homosexual conduct in the workplace. In effect, government wants to control how your business is managed based on whom you hire. Even gay employers who wish to run a professional business environment will be forced to succumb to a gender-confused employee’s style choice of the day. Christian, Jewish and Muslim businesses, day care centers, auto repair shops, sports organizations, hospitals, private schools and so on can end up fined, punished or bankrupt if they do not comply with ENDA.


Discrimination is banned in hiring whether employees are heterosexual or homosexual. Every employer should see to it. But, employees seeking “special privileges” based on personal choice of appearance or behavior to the disadvantage of the employer is an exception and infringement on employers’ rights. With ENDA, government will control management of staff and business image. A company’s image, whether subdued or avant-garde, should be the owner’s choice, not the employees and certainly not Washington’s.


President Obama has set government and faith on a collision course. Obama handpicked Chai Feldblum, a lesbian activist, as a commissioner of the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and chief strategist of ENDA. Ms. Feldblum reportedly seeks to subjugate the Constitutional rights of religious freedom to the wants of the gay community. She is quoted as “having a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.” She is often credited with saying that when it comes to ENDA policies: “Gays win, Christians lose” -- though that may be more of a summed-up sentiment than a direct quote. In addition, Massachusetts Senator Barney Franks, who introduced EDNA, considers it his most important legislation.


Obama handpicked a Gay “School Czar” who promotes homosexuality in schools and reportedly supports NAMBLA, an organization that believes in sex between men and boys. Obama declared that biblical scripture regarding God’s word on homosexuality is “obscure” and should be ignored? Christians know that no part of God’s word is obscure, yet the President of the United States proclaims it so.  President Obama demonstrates a lack of regard for people of faith and their Constitutional protections. Does he expose Bolshevik or Marxist leanings by intervening between people and their faith by means of an increasingly powerful bol’she government?  The answer lies with Obama - in his actions, his appointments and his policies.

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