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Obama Encourages Higher Fuel Prices to force His Cap & Trade on America

Michael Simone : April 15, 2011

If you think Obama's health care bill was a disaster and a government power grab over Americans, then you haven't seen anything yet. Should Obama and his administration be successful in passing the Cap & Trade, now known as the Green Energy Bill, we're finished.

We are now, for the second time in just three years, experiencing a dramatic surge in energy and fuel cost approach $4.00 TO $5.00 A Gallon. Meanwhile, Obama nor his administration refuse to do anything to realistically address the situation or provide temporary relief. Instead all we hear from his mouth is we need to be free of foreign oil dependency by implementing an extremely cost ineffective Green Energy Policy of unsightly windmills, solar panels and environmentally hazardous mercury light bulbs(Where are the Tree Huggers Now). While touting his Green Energy Policy he chastises Oil producers holding unproductive oil leases for not drilling as he also restricts any further drilling in proven lease areas like the Gulf of Mexico. 

Everything this man says is a lie and contradiction of fact and reality. Neither Obama nor his administration have any intention of easing the problem of higher fuel costs because of a hidden agenda. Actually, its not really that hidden and their agenda was originally disclosed during Obama's candidacy for President. If you recall when asked about his energy policy for the country he was emphatic that his plan would in fact greatly increase all energy cost and that we need to have those costs be in line with those of Europe ( which is an impossibility) before his plan would become cost effective, thereby forcing Cap & Trade on Americans.

Well, Obama is getting exactly what he wants in allowing energy cost to rise by providing the American with political rhetoric instead of realistic positive and immediate action. Instead we get self serving lip service and road blocks. He has no incentive to cut fuel costs. Why? because our energy costs will be so high that Congress and hopefully Americans will see his Green Energy Bill as a realistic alternative to the energy crisis. But how does this personally benefit Obama? He is involved and owns an interest in a company that is directly connected to Goldman Sachs and their Carbon Tax Credit program in which is directly tied to the Green Energy Bill.

What we need is is a realistic long term energy plan consisting of a balanced attack and implementation of all sources of fuels and energy available to us here in America. We need to provide responsible cost efficient regulation, incentive, taxation and licensing for the use of all identified land areas within the United States to produce all sources of fuels today not 30 years from now. For temporary and immediate relief in fuel cost we can have the EPA lift its more than twenty different costly fuel blend requirements across the country. We can lower the government excise tax for several years as we execute our plan. We can offer incentives to oil producers to invest in alternative fuel and energy alternatives. All of these things and many others can be done to achieve the same, if not more successful goal, without giving our inept government the responsibility of controlling our energy, fuel sources and environment.




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