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Hijacking Your Faith:  THE OBAMA WAY

ARParty : March 25, 2010

By Sharon Sebastian – Website: http://

As with most hijackings, the targets don’t know about it until it is happening or already occurred. As with every hijacking, it is about control. This time it is about controlling the word of God as preached in churches across the land. Behind it, is the force and support of the Whitehouse. Note the man reported to be President Barack Obama’s newest spiritual advisor, a man with reported sentiments not unlike Jeremiah Wright’s, but without the raw public image. Yet, Obama’s new front man on religion, Rev. Jim Wallis, is creating his own explosive rhetorical baggage as he takes on the word of the God of the Bible.

Obama’s stated goal is to change America.  Having rammed through health care for physical control of American lives, his administration is now emboldened to venture into the heart and soul of America – its religious foundation and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Years ago, the head of a major Gay rights organization told Pacifica radio that he thought Bill Clinton could deliver what his group wanted, but when a sitting president failed, he suggested he now understands that you “have to go after the churches.” That is a strategy that the Obama administration appears to have also adopted. The hijacking has been effectively under the radar for years and now presents itself in the form of “social justice.”  Rev. Wallis, a self-proclaimed Progressive, who has reportedly supported many communist causes, has renamed “social justice” to “Biblical justice.” With that renaming or change in terminology comes a full-out assault on the meaning of Biblical scripture.

The core of “Biblical justice” is all about control. Control of the words and interpretation of scripture, control of what pastors should preach, control of the hearts and minds of those who would be faithful. Wallis, founder of the far-left magazine Sojourners, and now Obama’s religious adviser, is cited as a former activist in the radical SDS movement, is reportedly anti-capitalist, and is inculcating the Bible into Obama’s transformative “wealth redistribution” socialistic political strategy. Tellingly, Wallis calls his blog, “God’s Politics.”  How Wallis can reveal “God’s Politics,” when the scripture does not, is truly a mystery.

The radical left started the hijacking process by creating many of their own churches under the guise of the Judeo-Christian faith and began teaching social justice – as in redistribution of wealth, socialistic control of the nation’s economy, the green movement, global warming – as if such issues are mandated by scripture.  It is a fraud against scripture since there is no such doctrine of “social justice” anywhere in the Bible. The radical left would do well to understand that when there is Biblical justice to be meted out, it will be by the sovereign God, their Creator -- not by a transitory government seeking a globalization agenda under pious posturing that masquerades their political hijacking and usurping of Biblical doctrine. What they postulate is a sin against God, a lie against people of doctrinal faith and a threat to uproot the Judeo-Christian founding of this nation and its Constitution.  Danger is afoot and it comes in the meaningless terminology of man-conceived and politically designed “Biblical Justice.”

The last time the God of the Bible was under siege with such a broad deception is reviewed in the book, Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Sharon Sebastian and Raymond G. Bohlin ( Darwin’s Racists reveals the assault on God as Creator and how Communist, Socialist and Fascist regimes used Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution as a tool, as false justification, to control the masses and deny the Creator God. The book reveals implications of the same mind-set in political policies out of Washington and the impact on American lives both today and tomorrow.

Heed the warning of one of the book’s reviewers: “Anyone who cares about their future and the future of the next generation should read Darwin's Racists and then prepare themselves to speak out and take action before it is no longer possible. The physical and spiritual future of millions is at stake.”

The Bible is not to be usurped as the voice of the radical socialist-left.  The Judeo-Christian faith teaches the Bible is truth and that both rights and justice come from God.  Churches that preach “social or Biblical justice,” from the Obama/Wallis perspective as a political tool, are sliding down that slippery slope of the Marxist dream of having the masses embrace the government as their god. History reveals that knowingly or unwittingly doing so portends grave consequences.

The American Reform Party recommends reading Darwin Racist which can be purchased through our online book store 

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