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Henry Waxman Demands We All Say 2+2=5

ARParty : March 31, 2010

Expect the left to be vicious in their attempts to hide the destructive effects of Obamacare.

We've already seen a preview of their behavior thanks to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.).

Recently a number of large companies have announced (as they are required to by law) that they are reducing projected profits because Obamacare will raise their costs so dramatically. Caterpillar announced the new law will cost them $100 million. AT&T announced that Obamacare was going to cost them over $1 billion.

It was especially embarrassing for President Obama to have his visit to Iowa marked by John Deere announcing that they were going to have to take a $150 million write down of their profits to pay for Obamacare.

Henry Waxman and his fellow leftwing Democrats were outraged by this embarrassment.

How dare they tell the truth?

Don't they know the party line is that Obamacare is wonderful, cost free, and will lower costs?

So Waxman is demanding that the CEOs of these companies come to Washington to testify as to how they came by these numbers. They are also demanding that the companies produce for lawmakers detailed internal documents about their healthcare spending.

The message to every other company is clear: fall in line or risk being summoned as well.

Albert Camus, the French novelist and philosopher, would have understood Congressman Waxman's behavior. Camus wrote (in the novel The Plague) "Again and again there comes a time in history when the man who dares to say that two and two make four is punished with death."

This attack by Waxman has a little of the Stalinist or Maoist show trial spirit attached to it.

If Waxman does follow through with his demand for a hearing it would be nice if every witness came equipped with a copy of Camus' The Plague. Highlighting the dishonesty and bullying of the machine may further educate the country into how sick our system is getting and how much it needs to be changed.

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