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Governments Takeover of Education: America’s Affliction of Ignorance

Sharon Sebastian : April 05, 2010

Though school kids may get short-sheeted at sleepovers, it should not happen in the classroom. When American schools were redesigned to teach to the lowest common denominator, a sort of "collectivism of intellect" took effect that elevated no one to higher learning, but educationally hamstrung the potential for many of our future best and brightest. Many called it the "Dumbing Down of America."

In 2008, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, an educational think tank, reported that American students ranked 24 out of 29 when tested scholastically against other developed nations.  Truly, an American tragedy.  Now, the Obama administration has imposed itself into the business of deciding who will get loans to go to universities and colleges. Most expect a lowering of higher education as a government-run program decides loan qualifications. Many are concerned that it will not be based on grade performance, but on government imposed quotas. The best and the brightest may have to step aside, much to the loss to the rest of us in society who have long depended on them from generation to generation to move this country forward in order to compete effectively in the world.

Nations like China and Russia snicker at the naïveté of our leaders as an educational downgrade makes America more vulnerable. The educational utopia that our government seeks is not possible because the truth is, we are all not "as smart as the next guy" or girl. We have different abilities that contribute to society as a whole. But, as always with the Obama administration, it comes down to control.  As Democrat John Dingell (D-MI) reportedly exclaimed recently to Paul Smith on WJR-Radio in Detroit: "It takes a long time -- to put the legislation together to control the people." 

Rewriting American History in the classroom almost became a fait accompli until the Texas State Board of Education stepped up in 2010 to restore factual and balanced history in textbooks. The majority members of the Texas SBOE also seek to again teach students about their Constitutional rights as American citizens. Students came precariously close to the edge of losing such basic and fundamental knowledge. In May, the Texas SBOE will vote. Restoring truth should help to curtail the ongoing implementation of the leftist, socialist agenda in our nation's schools. 

Evidence of how truth is perverted is revealed in how schools also brainwash students in the sciences.  Schools today teach the highly flawed theory of evolution. Scientists across the globe denounce Charles Darwin's theory as not having the empirical scientific data to back it up. Darwin writes that he suspected his theory was flawed and full of speculation. Yet, his bankrupt theory is passed along without honest appraisal as teachers teach what they are given. The government, afraid of mentioning a Creator God in the classroom, would rather teach flawed data than be intellectually honest about the outdated theory of evolution that modern science directs to the dustbin as one of history's greatest frauds.

Akin to teaching the truth of American history, the Texas SBOE should also insist on honest science.  As a balance to the flawed theory of evolution, schools would do well to include in their curriculum a book that introduces both the evolution and creation view to let readers compare and decide. The book, Darwin's Racists - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (, is endorsed nationwide for parents, teachers, students, and schools as providing an important balance in the evolution vs. creation debate, thereby leaving school boards no excuse to deny it from curriculum.

That our government disallows the debate on evolution to honestly take place in the classroom is totally counter to what Charles Darwin, himself, proclaimed:

            "A fair result can only be obtained by fully stating and balancing the facts

            and the arguments on both sides of the question."  Charles Darwin

When a government rewrites American history or will not allow scientific debate as scientists globally stand strongly divided on an outdated and scientifically unproven theory, then something is very wrong. Governments have long known that knowledge is power. Parents need to understand that indoctrination is not education. For the government to deprive yet another generation of truth in education makes it an accomplice in the downfall of America as a beacon of intellectual honesty and accomplishment. As the majority members of the Texas SBOE step forward, it is time to stand with them in support. The mind of your child, any child, is a terrible thing to waste.

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