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Federal takeover of ALL school loans burried in the Healthcare Bill

ARParty : March 16, 2010

Buried in the Healthcare Reform Bill is a provision which authorizes the Federal Government to take over all outstanding private school loans, making the government the sole source and provider for future funding of education loans to students and families. 

This little piece of legislation, conveniently embedded in the bigger Healthcare Bill, will only serve to corrupt and devastate the entire educational system. It further accentuates and perpetuates Obama and the Progressives distorted and devious plan for fundamental change in our country. It is abundantly clear their designs for government are about controlling the lives of the American people and not giving us a smaller more transparent and responsive government.

If the Federal government is allowed to control the source of educational funds they will be creating a built in system of indoctrination and slavery to the government. Our Government will now decide who gets a loan and who doesn't. They will determine the type of education you can receive, what school you can attend, how much you get and what you should study. Oh! and yes, our children won't have to pay the whole thing back if they give 10 years of service to the Federal government.  This was tried once before by a president in another European country named Germany under Hitler.

It should now start to become clear that Obama and the Progressives in Washington are not interested in protecting our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms but rather and assault on these unalienable rights and constitution to produce a fundamental change for greater power and control over its people.

We will expand on this issue further in a latter article and in our position on education.

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