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Do You want an Electoral College Or Dictatorship?

What Is and Why, we need the Electoral College.

ARParty : November 15, 2016

I know this may be difficult for most liberals to grasp but we'll try anyway.

Using the latest Census data, it was determined that half of the United States population is clustered in just 146 of the biggest counties out of over 3000 in the US.

As indicated in the below map, only 50% of the American population lives in the gray shaded counties on this map while 50% is concentrated in the remaining blue counties of each respective State..

Now the Electoral College is comprised as follows: Each State gets 1 Electoral vote for each Senator and 1 for each Representative in Congress. The Electoral votes are cast, on a winner take all, in every state for the candidate getting the most votes in that State.

When you look at the map it's easy to see that any population increase to the 146 counties represented on the map would basically give them enough votes to elect a president every election cycle if we did so strictly on the popular vote.

The Electoral College process prevents this from happening insuring the diverse ideology, will and desires of each "State" and its "Citizens" are represented equally in the presidential election process. Keep in mind we are a United States and that each State is also entitled to equal representation within the Federal Government. Therefore, it is only fair and fitting that the candidate who carries the State by majority wins all the Electoral votes of that State.

In summary, if we had abolished the Electoral College you would have had 146 blue counties out of 3000 nationwide deciding the outcome of the presidential election with their 50+% majority vote. This should show you the superb wisdom and commonsense of the Founding Fathers to ensure a fair and all inclusive democratic process and representation of all the people. Not just those few counties in a handful of States that happen to have a majority of the population that consistently votes the same party ever election.

Or more simply put, without the Electoral College we would suffer a loss of our inalienable rights and liberties and succumb to a Dictatorship!

This is why we have an Electoral College.

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