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Dear Mr. President, Where’s The Beef?

Michael Simone : September 09, 2011

If you listened to President Obama's "Jobs Speech" last night then more than likely you were thinking the same thing as me, Mr. President, WHERE'S THE BEEF!

Once again, Obama's speech was nothing more than pure, old time, campaign rhetoric about a job plan bill we should all vote for without any substance or idea of how the plan will work, be funded or just who will actually be paying for it.  Obama and his advisors are making the huge mistake of trying to fix a 2011 economic problem with a 1930 economic solution that history proved didn't work then. This is pure insanity!

I never saw him produce a written bill, document or shred of verifiable evidence that any of what he said can or will work. However, I did hear him say in two weeks he will have all the specifics. What nonsense! Mr. President, next time you have something as important as jobs on which to address the nation, do us all a favor and don't waste our time, make sure you have everything in hand to show us first that we can believe.

Quite frankly, parts of this speech and program may resonate with the political hacks and some Americans but, the truth remains this speech was a carefully crafted and prepared misdirect for the republicans and conservative independents.

Mr. President!  If you truly have the bast interests of this country at heart and want to create jobs and help save her, then please resign from office and take that, BOZO the Clown, Biden with you.