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Border Fences are a false sense of security

Michael Simone : September 06, 2011

The construction of walls and fences along our southern borders to stop the problem of illegal immigration is neither a realistic or effective solution.

There is also the problem of the thousands of miles of coast line that goes unmentioned. This portion of the border is far more difficult and expensive to secure and, on which no fence or wall can be built, making it far more easier to enter this country. We have to get realistic and accept the fact that there is no fence tall enough or wide enough that we can build to keep illegal immigrants out!  

Any smuggler or alien wanting to get into this country will quickly find a way. They will find a way to go over, under or around the fence in airplanes, tunnels, high speed boats or submarines and other ways we never imagined let alone are able to stop. I don’t care how many Coast Guard or National Guard troops you put on the wall or in boats. So building a wall or fence is merely a small deterrent, a huge waste money resulting in nothing more than a false sense of security.

Let’s face it;  the only reason people are willing to illegally enter this country risking life, limb, capture and deportation, is to earn a better living or engage in illegal trafficking. However, the problem is not so much their getting into this country as is their ability to remain in this country undetected.

The solution is not a super high fence or wall or even beefed up patrols of National Guardsmen and border patrol agents alone but rather setting up meaningful immigration controls with serious enforcement of our existing laws. A simple quick fix would be for the Federal Government, instead of fight with those states that are passing legislation to curtail the illegal migration, to work closely with them to enforce the existing laws.

We need to start rounding up and deporting those here illegally without fear of infringing on rights. After all, they have NO RIGHTS and they're NOT US CITIZENS. They broke our laws when they entered and the last time I checked when you obviously break the law you have no rights afforded to American Citizens.

We need to get real and apply common sense to our approach. We need to vigorously enforce existing laws with employers. We need to revamp the immigration code to allow workers to enter and exit this country legal with realistic controlled tracking measures. We need an immigration code that puts enforcement in the hands of both Federal and States allowing for common standards and full cooperation. Must of all we need to start NOW!!!

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