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American Reform Party condems recent violence against lawmakers

Michael Simone : March 26, 2010

The American Reform Party both understands and relates to the frustration and anger of the people on both sides of the Health Care Issue. We ourselves are angered over the passage of a bad piece of legislation and can agree with the major concerns on both sides. Yet, although our anger is warranted, violence is not.

Our lawmakers, rightfully so, deserve our anger and should fear the wrath of the people however, not through the use of violence but by our use of the justice system and our vote at the ballot box this November and 2012 elections.

Both sides of the Health Care issue lost when this bill was past, because of their power hungry, egotistical attitude, its our way or the highway. This was too important of an issue affecting every single man, women and child, for the manner in which our lawmakers handled the creation and passage of this unlawful bill purely for the sake of passing a bill. An utter disgrace and insult to our Constitution and every American.

Health Care reform is not an issue of Republicans or Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals or Barack Obama, its the American Peoples issue and we deserve better. That is why this bill must be repealed and replaced with a fully bipartisan, non-entitlement, bill that embodies a common sense approach and solution to the problem. A bill that doesn't bankrupt the country or its people and is fare and equal for all Americans. That is their responsibility and our right to expect and demand.

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