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36 States Poised to file federal lawsuit to overturn Health Care Bill

ARParty : March 23, 2010

36 States across the country are poised to file federal lawsuit to overturn Health Care Bill upon President Obama's signing of the legislation into law later this morning. The Attorney Generals in thirty-six states intend to file later today on the grounds that our legislators do not have the legal authority under the constitution to mandate and require Americans to purchase Health Care Insurance against their will. Obama & progressive supporters have wrongly contended that they in fact do have the authority under the Commerce Act of the constitution. This claim shows us the complete lack of understanding, disregard and total disdain our President and lawmakers in Washington have for our constitution and the American people.

We would suggest to you that 36 states out of 50, with more to follow,  is 72% of the states who diligently researched, understand and believe in the Constitution. This in itself  can be considered a referendum and sufficient ratification under the Constitution to quash the Bill even if the Supreme court should itself violate the constitution in approving the legislation.

The American Reform Party has continually rebuked both Senate and Congress claims that they derived their authority under the commerce act and several other Articles of the Constitution. (What the American people forgot about the constitution these lawmakers will never know!) It further justifies our party claims that our legislators are out of control, in-experienced, unqualified to run our country and insist on passing self-serving power grabbing legislation against the will of the people. This must end!

We must support our individual states and continue to let our legislators know that the American people will not be satisfied until they reverse their decision or we have voted them out of office. Operation Clean House in 2010 / 12

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