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American Reform Party To Redesign Website

Michael Simone : August 24, 2009

The ARP today annouced its plans to redesign the National Party's Website

We are excited to announce the American Reform Party plans for the long awaited redesign of its Website. While the original Website provide users and party members reliable access to party activities, it lacked the full experience that newer Internet technologies offer today.  

When completed, the newly designed site will provide greater flexibility and interaction with its users and members while offering greater awareness to the public and Internet search engines like Bing, Google Yahoo and others. The site will further include a complete interactive blog for members to share points of view…

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Roy Downing Appointed New Jersey Chairman

ARParty : August 17, 2009

The American Reform Party of New Jersey, by unanimous decision, approved the appointment of Roy Downing as its State Chairman. Mr. Downing was most recently the parties National Chairman for the past several years. Roy will bring his extensive experience with the ARP  and vast familiarity being a New Jersey resident in developing a strong party base in the state.  

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ARP Appoints New National Chairman

ARParty : August 10, 2009

Press Release August 10,2009 For immediate release.

On August 10, 2009, at the offices of the American Reform Party the voting members held a special meeting.  At the meeting, founder and party Chairman, Roy Downing announced that he was retiring as National Chairman and asked the members to accept his resignation. He further announced and asked the members to accept the nomination and appointment of Michael F Simone as his successor and the Party's new National Chairman Pro-tem until the next National Convention. The meeting was attended by a majority of voting party members who accepted both Roy Downing’s resignation…

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ARParty : February 02, 2009

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