What We Stand For

The American Reform Party is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that since 1997 continues to represent the interests of a rapidly increasing number of conservative independent voters in America. As a coalition of Independents, we embrace the views and beliefs of all people regardless of party affiliation. We look for the common sense approach, answers and solutions and implementation of conservative policies and legislation that are lawful, in keeping with our Constitution and fair for all Americans while insisting on strict fiscal responsibility by government. We further insist that the candidates we support adhere to these same basic principles. We seek out and support  not only Independent candidates, but Republican and Democrat , that are uniquely qualified to deal with the current issues facing our country. Candidates who demonstrate sound common sense, strong principles are truthful and above all, can be trusted to carry out the will of their constituents and agree to support the platform of the American Reform Party.

Since our inception in 1997, the American Reform Party's mission and objectives remain consistent and  we continue to represent ourselves as the Party of trust, integrity and common sense for all the people"

We Stand For:

  • Smaller, more efficient and transparent Federal and State government
  • Strict  adherence to our Constitution by the executive, legislative and Judicial branches of our government.
  • Strict Fiscal Responsibility of Federal Government by adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Lower taxes for individuals and corporate America by abolishing the IRS and replacing it with a simplified single and smaller flat or fair tax.
  • A sound economy with a strong dollar, free markets and a non-interventionist foreign policy limited to issues that directly affect our countries National Security
  • Immediate Reduction of our Country's National Debt
  • Restoring trust, integrity, honor and common sense in government and its elected officials
  • Adoption of a Term Limits Amendment on our legislators (2 terms in Senate and 6 terms in Congress)
  • Restore solvency of our Social Security and Medicare systems by repaying the government borrowed money and privatizing both to guarantee payment.
  • Strengthen immigration by first enforcing existing laws and limiting the annually allowed immigrants entering our country Then revamp the law. 
  • Election reform with open primaries, ballot access to independent and third party candidates, eliminate Gerrymandering and Electorate Recall vote to remove legislators in their respective state
  • Create a Health Care environment and regulations that promotes competition, competitive industry pricing and lower medical costs resulting in affordable health insurance for all Americans. We DO NOT NEED another poorly administered government entitlement program.
  • Eliminate salaries for legislators and provide a small per diem and expense reimbursement when they are in attendance.

By means of greater awareness of our Constitution through education, enhanced individual political action, an equitable common sense political platform supported by a strong group of candidates committed to its implementation and the basic fundamental principles of our Constitution, we can build and insure a stronger America and smaller more responsible government while insuring every American's basic unalienable right to individual Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. 

Read the American Reform Party Platform for 2012