A Our Political Objectives

  •   Require and restore trust, integrity and common sense in government and its elected officials with greater accountability to its people. 

  •   Establish a Constitutional Amendment requiring government to operate under a Balanced Budget 

  •   Insist on strict adherence and interpretation of our Constitution by our representatives as intended by our Nation's Founders 

  •   Reduce the size, scope and control of our government over economic, business, entitlements and personal sectors

  •   Demand and Institute long-term fiscal spending policies to insure inter-generational equity

  •   Establish and enact a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution 

  •   Replace the existing Tax Code with either a national sales tax or Flat tax on all individuals and business while creating special incentive programs to encourage industrial growth and employment 

  •   Require Social Security, Medicare and Grant program reform eliminating the over $180 Billion dollars of entitlement fraud 

  •   Government to immediately begin to repay the borrowed trust funds to Social Security program

  •   Government to begin paying down the national debit

  •   Require Annual Auditing of the Federal Reserve

  •   Eliminate the further use of Omnibus bills and legislation stopping or legislators from including 'Pork Barrel Spending' in order to bribe a fellow legislator(s) for their vote. Every bill MUST stand on its own!

  •   Require a National Referendum vote on proposed Government run Entitlements or programs like Health Care, Cap & Trade etc... 

  •   Establish Electoral and Campaign Finance Reform 

  •   Impose Term Limits on Legislators, special interest group donations and campaign spending.

  •   Legal Reform of our Justice System, TORT reform, create plaintiff legal fee, cost and damages liability act


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