Our 50 State Election Strategy

We're Taking Back America

Its time for all Americans to stand up and take back the control of our government before we are unable to reverse the damage done to our way of life and freedoms. The Progressives in both the Democrat and Rebulican parties have gradually erroded the very foundations and strength of our country through selfserving legislation and fiscal irresponsibility. Now, they propose to solve all our by doing exactly the same things that have caused the problem and crisis in which we find ourselves in today, more unsubstansiated spending, Entitlement programs we can't afford. For these reasons we need to stand up and take action to preserve our constitution and the life, liberty adn persuit of happiness it was meant to provide.

Operation Clean House

OUR OBJECTIVE: TO VOTE EVERY INCUMBENT SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN  INCLUDING PRESIDENT OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE by the 2012 elections.  Over the next two years, we will seek out and encourage new trustworthy individuals to run for office as independent candidates. Where we can't find a new qualified Independent we will thoroughly vet the current Republican or Democratic opposition candidate wanting our support. We will support people who tell it like it is and exactly where they stand on issues without the political spin. We will support those candidates who can demonstrate the necessary experience, will and determination to address current issues facing our country. We want individual candidates that posses integrity and common sense. Most importantly, we must have a commitment from our candidates that they support a platform of reform in government such as the American Reform Party Platform. That they agree to adhere to the principles of our constitution and repeal any legislation that violates it, like Healthcare Reform or Cap & Trade. They will work toward reducing the role and size of our government. That they will support the revamping of the internal revenue system and tax code opting for a flat or national sales tax. That they agree to immediately adopt a policy of strict fiscal responsibility and a Balanced Budget Amendment.

We will do this for every Senate or Congressional seat up for grabs and require that the candidate we support meets and supports our criteria regardless of their party afiliation