About the American Reform Party

The party of Smaller Government, Less Regulation, Less Taxes and Integrity

The American Reform Party is the remaining offshoot of the 1992 Reform Party on which Ross Perot ran for president. Although, his bid for the office was unsuccessful his overwhelming success as an independent candidate, proved to the Reform Party supporters and the American people that a third party can truly be successful in our country. 

They further recognized that, contrary to Mr. Perot who ran for President on the Reform Party Platform with his own funding, the party needed a strong political base built from the ground up rather than from the top office down as in the case of Mr. Perot. This fundamental difference in views and approach ultimately lead to a split in the Reform Party with most supporters leaving.

Hence the American Reform Party was born. The remaining organizers and supporters of the Reform Party banded together and reorganized the party and its chapters in local municipalities, counties, cities and on the state level throughout the country for the sole purpose of building the party from the ground up. This has been a slow methodical process but one which will return huge benefits over the long haul. The ARP is currently represented in approximately 17 states and growing.

The ARP is a Political Action Committee that since 1997 has represented the interests of the rapidly increasing number of independent voters in America. As a party of Independents, we seek out and support qualified candidates that not only share our voters interest, principals and goals but those of all Americans. Our candidates must demonstrate integrity and common sense while pledging to support and uphold the fundamental principles of our Nations Constitution and the American Reform Party's platform for reform.

American Reform Party
10 Aida Court
Lodi, NJ 07644 

National Chairman:  Michael F Simone   Email:  michael.simone@americanreformparty.org
Secretary:   BJ Downing   Email:  bj.downing@americanreformparty.org
Treasurer:   Louise Downing   Email:  bj.downing@americanreformparty.org