Keep Common Core out of our schools
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The dumbing down of our children

The Education Department is proposing a regulation that forces Common Core upon every child in America. We cannot let this happen.

Impeach EPA Chief Gina McCarthy
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It's time to impeach Obama's lying EPA Chief Gina McCarthy.

Gina McCarthy is considered a pathological liar!

She lied to Congress. She's lied under oath. And what's worse is that she's lied to defend an EPA regulation that restricts our freedoms, expands the government's regulatory power, and costs us jobs.

We cannot allow this perjurer to go unpunished. Obama's EPA Chief Gina McCarthy must be removed from her office got to go!

Contact your representative by signing this petition today. Let them know it's time to IMPEACH Gina McCarthy!

Impeach IRS Chief John Koskinen!
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On IRS Commissioner John Koskinen's watch, the IRS has been plagued by scandal and corruption.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has ushered in an era of deception and lawlessness.

Since the time Obama appointed him, the IRS has been plagued by scandals and corruption. For years Obama and his IRS have denied the targeting of conservatives, but now the government admits that political targeting is possible.

This cannot go unpunished. Obama's IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has got to go!

Demand Congress Audit the Federal Reserve!
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We the People of the United States demand that Congress pass H.R. 459, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011. The Fed has printed trillions of dollars bailing out failed companies, failing banks, and even foreign governments and foreign banks. 

From Libya to the World Bank, the American people deserve to know where their money is being sent. The Fed’s inflationary policies have been driving up the cost of everything from food to gas, and opening the books on this secretive organization will put a stop to their bailouts. 

Please sign the petition right now!

Defend Our Constitution’s Separation of Powers!
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Obama attempts to Bully Supreme Court

In an unprecedented move, President Obama has publicly warned the Supreme Court to not overturn ObamaCare. 

Has he even read our Constitution? 

Our nation has three branches of government, NOT an Imperial Presidency!

Sign below to demand that Obama respects Separation of Powers and stops bullying the Supreme Court!

Support the Tea Party Senators’ Budgets!
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Demand the Senate fulfill its constitutional duty and pass a budget.

We the People of the United States,

Demand the Senate fulfill its constitutional duty and pass a budget. While our government continues to burden future generations with unsustainable debt, it has been more than three years since the Senate passed a budget. No more taxes. No more spending. We demand a conservative budget that puts America on the path toward fiscal sanity.

Impeach Eric Holder From Office
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Remove Eric Holder From Office

Attorney General Eric Holder is defying Congress.

Since last October, Holder and the Justice Department have virtually ignored a Congressional subpoena for documents related to "Fast and Furious," essentially claiming to be above the law.

They're NOT and he's NOT.

As House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said recently: Holder's refusal "is inexcusable and cannot stand."

Now Rep. Issa wants to hold Eric Holder in contempt for his unwillingness to recognize the authority of Congress. But some members (even some fellow Republicans) have failed to support him.

We must demand that Congress enforce the rule of law.

Sign the petition below to stand with Darrell Issa.

Tell Congress to Fully Investigate Eric Holder and the Justice Department

Stop the UN’s Law of the Seas Treaty
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Barack Obama and Harry Reid want to force the United Nations’ Law of the Seas Treaty on the United States.

This treaty would impose job killing regulations, while allowing the United Nations to tax American citizens.

It could also cost the American people trillions in tax dollars.

We MUST help Senator Jim DeMint stop this blatant UN power grab from reaching the Senate floor.

Please sign the petition below and tell your Senator to stand with Jim DeMint in defense of American sovereignty.

Stop UN Agenda 21
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Tell Congress to Protect American Sovereignty

The United Nation's Agenda 21 is a radical plan driven by George Soros and the same global environmental interests behind energy tax schemes like Cap and Trade.

If implemented, it could threaten the private property rights and economic freedom of every American.

Unless we stop Agenda 21, United Nation bureaucrats could ultimately bypass Congress to take control over huge swaths of America's land and resources. In some places this process has already begun.

Under the guise of "sustainable development," many of our elected representatives at the local, state and national levels are already helping to implement Agenda 21 without even realizing the danger it represents to our economy and our liberty.

We must stand up NOW and sound the alarm.

Sign the petition below to tell Congress to Stop Agenda 21