Organize an ARP Chapter In Your State

The ARP is seeking interested individuals to organize state and local chapters of the American Reform Party to foster and promote National, State and local policies and strategy for its candidates and a much smaller more fiscally responsible government. If you believe and subscribe to our party's principles and platform for reform and wish to become involved in organizing a chapter in your state, contact us today and join the nations fastest growing Political Action Committee and independent party.

Here is your chance to make a difference and Take Back America form our Out Of Control Government and our elected representatives. The American Reform Party is looking for highly motivated, well organized and politically active individuals throughout all 50 States to establish and run both state and local chapters of the American Reform Party.

Now, more than ever, the American people are in great peril of losing their freedoms and democracy due to the irresponsible actions of our governments and the politicians we have elected over the past 50 years. If we allow this trend to continue we face a fate worse than an economic Depression, but rather a country of tyrannical rule by government. Now is your chance to step up and take charge and control of your government at every level to restore our country and its states basic fundamental values, principles and fiscal responsibility that has made us great country of free people.

If you've had it with big government, irresponsible politicians you can no longer trust, want to protect you and your children's freedoms and future and believe you can be instrumental in bringing real change to both State and Federal government, then your the individual we are seeking. As an organizer you will work closely with both National, State and local ARP organizers in seeking out and identifying potential candidates for endorsement and support. Assist in developing National, State and local policies and political strategy. Work with closely with local and state political action committees and movements like the Tea Party. Conduct fundraising events, political rallies, handle advertising, organizing committee's, educational seminars and activities to foster our efforts in achieving a smaller, responsible government with qualified, trustworthy candidates.

There are plenty of opportunities and avenues available for you to participate with the ARP and we need people at every level of government in your state. We will assist and provide you with everything you need to get started in your State. Please Contact Michael Simone

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